4213-1 Boat People Twilight INSET
Age Range KS2    
Price Free    
Product Code 4213-    


Boat People Twilight INSET

This will take place at the end of the school day. We will require access to the internet so a class room or ITC suite with a interactive board would be ideal. The session will last up to an hour, during which -

  • Going & Coming project explained
  • School will be registered onto the site
  • At least one class will be registered.
  • Staff will be shown how to upload stories, pictures, google maps and sound files.
  • Web-site Manual will be left with the school with full details on how to contact the Going & coming team should they have any questions or encounter any difficulties.


"Brilliant Delivery. Children focussed on the task throughout! Looking forward to getting stuck in and involved in class!"

Robert Wilson, Yr5 Teacher, Castleton Primary School, Leeds